Training: Five Phase of a Successful Advocacy Strategy

From August 5th to 8th at the Centre of Training and Consultancy was held the training "Five Phase of a Successful Advocacy Strategy" participated by the members of the Georgian Coalition for Education For All. The training was conducted by the associated trainer of the Centre of Training and consultancy Mrs. Buba Tsirekidze for the EFA project funded by Civil Society Education Fund and carried out by the coalition.
The training is focused on development of strategies, tactics and action plan for a successful advocacy campaign implementation. The course is based on Chinese military general, strategist and tactician of 5th century B.C. Sun Tzu's treatise "Art of War", which is most famous and influential among China's Seven Military Classics. Five phase strategy, described in the treatise is widely used in modern advocacy campaigns.
Training participants discussed theoretical issues, reviewed several real life cases and modelled advocacy campaign covering all five stages of the strategy.