Education For All

In 2008, the Global Partnership for Education agreed to support the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) to scale up support to national civil society education coalitions. GCE founded Civil Society Education Fund, which distributes the funds to national education coalitions in different countries of the world.
The program focuses on support and development of national education coalitions so they can fully engage in the advocacy process and development of education sector programs with governments and donors and track the progress in working towards the Education for All goals. 
The project implementing by the coalition Education For All - Georgia runs for thirteen months and focused on the third and six EFA goals and implies improvement of teachers professional development model, enhance viability of school board of trustees, development and effective implementation of inclusive education system and formation and extension of coalition work in order to ensure civil society's increased and effective engagement in education sector development, which is one of the core provisions for achievement of Education For All goals.   
Global Campaign for Education provides coordination and technical support of the program worldwide.