Coalition Members

International Institute for Educational Policy, Planning and Management – EPPM

The mission of EPPM is to facilitate effective implementation of the education reform and contribute to development of modern systems of quality management in education. Since 2002, EPPM contributed significantly to the changes in the education system of the country. EPPM was one of the main actors and most influential figures in forming the taskforce for the higher education reform in Georgia. Another significant achievement was the amendment to the Article 35 of the Georgian Constitution on the extension of compulsory education from 6 to 9 years, introduced in June 2003. 

CTC is a Georgian foundation working since 1999. CTC contributes to social and economic development in Georgia by strengthening local human and organizational capital through promoting the ideas of best practice management and good governance. CTC has been engaged with a USAID Education Management Project to assist the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia to implement innovative approaches in school financing. Since 2010, CTC has been a partner of USAID funded Civic Education and Teacher Training program.

School-Family-Society Association - SFSA
SFSA was founded on December 26, 2002. It is a membership based organization that supports consolidation of pedagogical and community resources in order to create the best educational environment for physical, mental, social, and spiritual development of children and youth in Georgia. The Association supports development of reading, writing, communicative, critical and creative thinking skills among youth and adults. SFSA is a member of following international and national organizations and coalitions:
International Reading Association (IRA); International Educational and Resource Network (iEARN); Coalition for Democratization and Financial Transparency of Educational System.

Georgian Association of EducationalInitiatives – SIQA
Operating since 1999. SIQA is oriented on development of critical and creative thinking trough informal learning, promoting modern learning techniques and engaging youth in action. It mainly works in Kvemo Kartly Region of Georgia and is based in the town of Rustavi. Its main activities are: Trainings for teachers, Camps and other activities for young students; Clubs and sections (debates, ecological and legal, educational and cooperative projects and so on).

Movement Accessible Environment forEveryone - AEE
AEE was founded in 2011 and represents the Disabled People’s Organization, with the majority of disabled members as decision makers.  The vision of the organization is society equally treating all of its members. Its mission is to provide assistance and advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities and to ensure their equal accessibility to all public services enjoyed by other members of society.

Civic Teachers Forum - CTF
Formally, Founded on May 30, 2013, civics education teacher’s forum, as an unregistered network, was established earlier in 2011. By now, about 519 civic teachers are the members of the organization, which makes Forum one of the biggest teachers associations in Georgia. Forum promotes teachers professional development providing trainings and other professional services, engaged in policy dialogue with ministry of education and science and conducts civic education advocacy.

Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia
ESFTUG unites employees of early childhood care, educational sector, public schools and universities. EFSTUG is an apolitical organization based on freewill principle and democratic values. The organization is a member of world teachers union "Education International", European Teachers Union Committee of Education and Georgian Trade Unions Association. ESFTUG's objectives imply protection of labour, social and legal rights of employees of educational system; Support of teachers professional development; Support and participation in implementation of education reforms carried out in the country; Cooperation with local and international NGOs; Advocacy of quality and accessible education;

Georgian Institute of Debates and Education
Founded in 2009, the mission of the Georgian Institute of Debates and Education is to teach educational debates and popularize it throughout schools and universities, active engagement of youth in academic-practical events, formation of debate culture and teaching of formal discussion.
Three main directions could be pointed out from Georgian Institute of Debates and Education’s ongoing activities – teaching debates in universities, teaching debates in schools and debate and public speech camps. The goal of the organization is to participate in development of Georgian civil society and legal state through formation of debate culture and popularize democratic and humane values throughout society.