Education 2030 Framework for Action to be formally adopted and launched

The Education 2030 Framework for Action (FFA) is to be formally adopted and launched at a high-level meeting, alongside the 38th UNESCO General Conference at UNESCO headquarters, Paris on 4 November 2015.

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Vote for Education

Coalition representatives at Radio1 program "Rush Hour"

On June 30 coalition representatives were invited to Radio 1 program "Rush Hour", where they spoke about the campaign "Vote for Education", launched by coalition.
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Revaz Apkhazava in "Tea Theme"

On May 31 Coalition chairman of the board Mr. Revaz Apkhazava was invited to TV programme "Tea Theme", where he delivered a monologue on education.

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Global Action Week 2015

On May 30 2015 at the Centre for Training and Consultancy, under Global Action week 2015, Civic Education Teachers's Forum organized students conference "Vote for Education" - 35 public school students from 7 regions of Georgia participated the conference. They placed on the agenda and discussed several topics:
  • Students participation in the process of receiving quality education;
  • Access to quality education for all, regardless ethnic, gender, religious and other differences;
  • Collaboration between students and local government for quality education;
  • Role of students' self-government in quality education advocacy;
Executive Director of Civic Education Teachers' Forum Mrs. Maka Bibileishvili facilitated the event. At the end of the conference students received participants certificates.   
Students participated in the conference in Tbilisi carried "Vote for Education" action,  and based on peer educators principles organized regional conferences on similar themes from June 1 through June 14 in their respective regions and schools.   

Joint Statement Reaction to World Bank Statement on Bridge

 Georgian Coalition for Education For All has endorsed a joint statement of 115 national and international civil organizations to world bank statement on Bridge.
In their joint statement civil organizations from all over the world express deep concern and raise their voice against world bank's growing support to Bridge International Academy - fee charging private primary schools chain operating in Kenya and Uganda.

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The Winner of the Media Contest - 2014 Media Work on Theme of Education is Awarded by the Georgian Coalition for Education For All

On March 6, at the Centre for Training and Consultancy was held the award ceremony for best media work of 2014 on theme of education. The media contest was initiated and organized by the Georgian Coalition for Education For All to promote media interest toward education and support civil society's and media means cooperation.  
Representatives of media and civil society working in the field of education attended the event.
The contest was announced in the middle of January 2015. By the end of material submission deadline, on February 10 the Coalition received 31 work from 25 journalists - 25 articles, 4 TV and 2 radio broadcast.
It took 3 weeks for the jury composed by the coalition's board members to review received materials and select the winner of the contest. Main criteria for assessment of journalists work were priority/importance of the topic, problem identification/evidence/analyse, presentation skills/form and connections to EFA principles.
As the chairman of the coalition board, Mr Revaz Apkhazava mentioned in his opening speech, the coalition plans to make this contest an annual event and change/improve the format, so the media materials to be prepared specifically for the contest, to separate from each other and have three media categories - printed/electronic, radio and television. For that end, during the discussion, presented journalist provided their suggestions on how to improve the format and make the contest more representative.          
Journalist of regional radio broadcaster "Hereti", Giorgi Aladashvili has received 1000 us dollar and EFA Georgia memorable prize for the journalistic investigation radio broadcast "Dignity Degrading Environment for More than 1000 Students" describing situation in one of the village of Kakheti region, where kids were forced to study in village's grocery store, cowsheds and etc, because of the absence of school building. Throughout of his investigation Giorgi went to the very roots of the problem, addressed local and national authorities. His broadcast found replies in other media means and as a result of his work, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia already has started construction works and by the September of 2015 the village will have a new school building.
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